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Les Châteaux dans l’Aude The term “Châteaux du Pays cathare” means a grouping of châteaux located in a region where Catharism has developed. After the failure of Viscount Trencavel’s attempt to win back Carcassonne in 1240, the city of Carcassonne was considerably strengthened by the French royal power, the new master of the territory. The latter razed the small castra in the Corbières and erected citadels there to guard the border with the kingdom of Aragon. These five castles were then named the five sons of Carcassonne:

Castle of Aguilar
Castle of Peyrepertuse
Castle of Puilaurens
Castle of Quéribus
Castle of Termes
These five fortresses resisted the various assaults carried out by the Aragonese army.

The royal defense system is based on a powerful logistic pivot that are the five sons of Carcassonne and on castles scattered on the front line. These watch castles, arranged on the ridge line, were already occupied by the defenders of the Cathars because of their strategic position.


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