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Frequently Asked Questions


How to book a stay ?

You can reserve of three manners:

www.camping-grandsud.com is on-line, on our site by clicking the tab “TO RESERVE”. The reservation is fast and the credit card payment is secured.
Is by going on the column “CONTACT” by fillin the request form of documentation and by clicking then “BOOKING CONTRACT” and by sending back it to us, by mail, accompanied with your deposit.
2 Or by mail: you just have to send back to us the booking contract duly filled, accompanied with your deposit. You can print the contract on our web site.
3 Or by telephone in 04-68-26-88-18
An option will be organized for a duration of 15 days during which we shall wait for your definitive reservation by the payment of a 30 % deposit.The requests of reservation are handled in the order of their arrival to the campsite.
The reservation is valid only after payment of the deposit and the reception of the confirmation sent by the campsite.
The balance of the amount of the stay is to be settled 30 days before your arrival.

Can we modify a reservation?

your reservation can be modified within the limits of the availability (for a modification of the type modification of dates, accommodation, the number of participants in the stay …). Only the written messages will be taken into account.

Contact us by email accueil@camping-grandsud.com or by telephone to 04-68-26-88-18, we shall look together for personalized solutions.

How to pay ?

We accept  credit card.

Is there an insurance cancellation?

You can sign to the insurance www.campez-couvert.com cancellation during your reservation.

Are there expenses of reservation?

Yes of 20 € about is the stay.

What is the availability?

It is always difficult to answer this question: want phone us to know our availability.

Can we book a rent less than a week?

In the off season and according to the availability, there is of nights no minimum. On the other hand, in July and August, the reservations are made from Saturday till Saturday with 7 nights minimum.

Do you propose long-term stays?

You can reserve a long-term stay, however, we do not propose particular package.

Deposit : what moment do we have to put back it ?

Two deposit will be asked you upon your arrival by accommodation :

200 € corresponding to the general state of the rent, 50 € in the housework if not returned in a state of cleanliness (optional, you have the possibility of taking the package housework.
The deposit can be settled by credit card. It will be restored to you, after realization together of the current inventory of fixtures of departure.

Can we park 2 cars on the location of the renting?

The second car will have to stay on the free parking lot under video surveillance unless you choose the option convey additional (6€ / day or 40 € / week), according to the availability.

Who is there in the rents?

For the sleeping, you will find in all the rents covers or braids, pillows with disposable covers and disposable drawsheets. You just have to bring your linen. For the kitchen, the dishes are supplied (inventory typifies sent by email at the time of the reservation). Our rents are quite equipped with refrigerator, cooktop, microwaves and coffee making.

Watt will happen the departure ?

You will have to join on the list of allocates (in the reception) to agree on an hour of produce for inventory of fixtures of departure.

The departures are made before 10 am in the morning, we shall realize together the inventory of fixtures, deposit  will be returned you if no damage is noticed and if the renting is made clean. You can subscribe to the option housework (50 €) if you wish during your reservation or upon your arrival.

Can we leave outside the opening hours of the reception?

For the departures before the opening of the reception it is possible:

1 – For the pitch, it is enough to settle the day before  the closure of the reception.
2 For the rents, the inventory being essential, we shall keep your deposit in case we should replace broken objects or if the housework was not realized. We shall send them to you by mail after inventory if everything is in order. You have to warn the reception at the latest the day before your departure.

I shall arrive only the next day / I shall leave the day before.

No refund will be made in these cases. We invite you to indicate us a late arrival. In the case of an early departure, we invite you to indicate us the hour of your departure so that we can get organized in house for inventory of fixtures with you.


Are locations shaded well?

Our locations are semi-shaded, also the period of sunshine varies according to the exhibition, according to the moment of the day and of the season.

Is there a possibility of draining away waste water on the location?

Not on the location, but the area of draining camper and 3 points of draining for the small boxes of the chemical toilets are available on the campsite.

The water and the electricity are they included?

Yes, the water and the electricity are included (6 A).

NB: it will be necessary to think of providing you with an European grip otherwise in case of oversight, they are for sale in the reception (21 €).


Only the customers of our campsite have access to our swimming pools, without supplement. Safety instructions and internal rules are shown on the campsite and in the notebook of reception.

What are dates and opening hours of swimming pools?

Family swimming pool opening every day from April  untill September from 9 am untill 8 pm.

Grown-up swimming pool opened in July and August from 10 am untill 8 pm. Reserved for the adults wanting some peace.

Are swimming pools warmed?


A bracelet is needed to reach swimming pools?

In July and August, the port of a bracelet is compulsory.


What are the opening hours ?

Opened every day in July and August from 6 pm.

Is it necessary to book?

No, except for theme nights (paella)  booked one day before.


Do you propose animations all year round?

No, in july and august only.

What animations do you propose?

An animation a day at least except Saturday.

We propose sports tournament, karaoke, dance, kids club…..

Are the leisure activities in the campsite paying?

No, you can take advantage freely of the tennis, the volleyball, the basketball, the ping-pong, the petanque and we lend the material also (according to availability). For the children, they can have fun on the playground.


How to reserve when the campsite is closed?

On  www.camping-grandsud.com web site,

Or by mail by sending us the booking contract to be printed since our web site.

Or by email in accueil@camping-grandsud.com.

What are the opening hours of the reception?

In the off season opening of 9 hours – 12 hours/14 hours-18 hours

In high season opening of 8 hours – 12 hours/14 hours-20 hours (in July/August)

May I return at anytime on the campsite?

The campsite is closed in the circulation of cars between 11 pm at 7 am but the exits are possible at any time in case of emergency. You can leave your vehicle on the parking and return on foot noiselessly.

At what time may I arrive?

For the renting the arrival is possible from 4 pm and for locations from 2 pm and before the closure of the reception (according to period).

May I choose my N ° of renting or of location?

During your reservation, particular requests can be formulated by the customer (closeness of accommodation for example) and we shall do our utmost to satisfy them. However, even if the campsite makes a commitment to bring it a particular attention, he cannot guarantee it). The direction saves itself the possibility of modifying the appointment of the location upon the arrival of the camper.

What is it necessary to make if I think of arriving after the closure of the reception?

To contact us by telephone in the opening hours of the reception.

did not sign the insurance cancellation, I settled a deposit, will it be returned me in case of cancellation?

In case of cancellation without having signed of insurance the payments which were made are lost.

I have friends who visit me that do I have to make?

You have to indicate them to the reception, a price list visitor will be to settle upon their arrival.

I come low-season, is there a heating in mobile home?

All the mobil- homes are equipped with a heating except the bungalow TITOM.

Can we add a small tent, barnum or other in front of mobile homes?

No. For safety reasons, it is not authorized to go up a tent or other equipment on the location mobil- home.

Can we park our car on the location

Yes, every pitch campsite and renting has a space to park its car.

Are animals accepted?

They are admitted in the renting and on locations (maximum 2). They must be tattooed, inoculated and kept on a lead. The dogs of category 1 and 2 are refused. Their excrements must be even collected on the lake and on the river.

Are barbecues allowed ?

A collective barbecue is at your disposal on the campsite. Only the gas barbecues are accepted on locations campsite and renting.

I have a technical concern on my location or renting to whom to send me?

Whatever is your problem, do not hesitate to return you at the reception. We shall try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Do you organize a jar of welcome ?

A jar of welcome is organized every Saturday evening in July and August.

Is it necessary to command bread for the next day?

The bread and the croissants and similar products must be reserved the day before for the next day  at  the reception.

Are there supermarket near the campsite ?

To the grocer’s shop of the campsite : you will find ordinary consumer foods (pastas, rices, drinks)

To Preixan (2 km):  grocer’s shop Les Relais des Mousquetaires

In Carcassonne (8 km): huge Supermarket Géant, Intermarché, Leader Price.

To Limoux (15 km): supermarket Leclerc.

Do you offer the possibility of renting refrigerators?

You have the possibility of renting a refrigerator (only on locations campsite) according to our availability, the price of the rent is 40 €/week. You can ask for it at the time of your reservation.

Do you rent beds, chairs baby, bath ?

We can rent you this material for the babies following the availability.

Is there a laundry ?

Yes, there is a laundry with a washing machine and adryer. The wash costs 4 € and the drying 4 €. Tokens are to be bought at the reception. Doses of washing are for sale in the reception (0.50 €).

How much costs the WIFI?

The WiFi is possible of your location by buying from the reception a ticket which will allow you to remain connected during your stay. Price lists are 12 hours : 4,50 €, 2 days: 13 €, 1 week: 22 €, 2 weeks: 33 €,

1 month: 42 €, 3 months: 85 €, 6 months: 145 € and fixed package of 60 mn: 5 €, 120 mn: 8 €, 180 mn: 11 €

Free WiFi (30 mn every 6 hours, ticket to be asked at the reception on the terrace of the restaurant or inside in the opening hours.

Can my children come not accompanied?

The minors must be accompanied with their parents or legal guardians. For obvious reasons of safety.

The minors accompanied with their parents or legal guardians are placed under the responsibility of the latter. It is formally forbidden to leave them alone, unattended, within the campsite.

Can we go fishing in the lake and swimming ?

Yes, concerning the lake for fishing, it does not need a card and not for the swimming there. The lake is only reserved for the customers of the campsite.

How may I express my opinion on my stay in your campsite?

You can during your stay or in your departure fill a questionnaire of satisfaction on the application Guest App put at the disposal on tablet in the reception. Your opinion will be diffused on the biggest platforms of opinion. An email will be sent to you, validate it so that your opinion is diffused.

Have you general terms of sale?

Of course, you can consult them on our booking contract.